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Hubert Moore Exterminator LLC is very excited to announce its specialization in pest control Manhattan, PIGEON treatments and bird removal services in Queens, New York City (NYC) and surrounding areas!

Back in 2012, our first calls for pigeons came from a residential apartment building in Queens, asking us if we can treat and remove the birds to their property. We told them we would be able to but had to look into the federal, state, and local regulations before we did. At that point, the only thing we knew was that pigeons were NOT PROTECTED by federal law as is the case with almost all other birds in Queens and New York City. As far as bird monitoring, treatment and removal processes go, we looked into bird netting, bird spikes, mechanical shocking devices designed to look aesthetically pleasing, trapping equipment, and repellent products.

The next things we had to consider was how to apply whatever bird treatment we chose, preparation work, if any, needed to be done, what we would use for that preparation work, and follow-up visits. While bird netting is very effective we decided against it. Netting will not only keep pigeons away but ALL types of birds, including those ones we all love to see flying when the spring arrives.

Installation of netting can be difficult and improperly installed netting can result in death and all the associated problems that can come with the passing of an animal. Spikes were the next option eliminated. One day, our two co-owners pulled into a gas station and saw spikes installed on ledges above the garage doors. Both of us were amazed to see live pigeon activity where the spikes were placed! They were just hanging out in a small space not covered by the spikes. We also agreed they did not look good up there.

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Aesthetics is important to us at Hubert Moore Exterminator LLC. When we looked into mechanical shocking devices, the first thing we asked our supplier is if the shock was fatal. The shock is NOT FATAL but merely sends a message to the pigeon(s) to stay away. We told this to customers but the look on their faces indicated they were uncomfortable with them. There is the occasional customer who has an affinity for what pest control operators and others simply call "pests," "infestation," or "something I just want out of here" and are sad if anything harmful is done to them. We decided that shocking devices would give us success and look very sleek and modern but would present a bigger public relations mess between us and our customers in Queens and New York City. Their durability during inclement weather also factored into our decision against mechanical shocking devices. Bird trapping equipment would need constant maintenance and potentially trap desirable birds.

Removing trapped birds can be difficult and may just lead to their return to the site and in greater numbers. This left us with repellent products. After finding out there are bird repellent gels that are available to certified commercial applicators, we decided to try them out. Utilizing something we learned in the process of our research that has been scientifically proven, we prepared the area, geared ourselves up with the proper protective equipment, applied our repellent to that apartment in Queens, and waited for the results. A call-back came and left us wondering WHAT WENT WRONG. Meanwhile, we were getting more calls for pigeon treatments and bird removal in Queens, Manhattan, New York City and surrounding areas. As is often the case, pest control operators are constantly learning in the field, even the most experienced ones. From servicing another apartment in Queens, we learned what we OMITTED FROM OUR FIRST JOB. Subsequently, we revised our application method and ACHIEVED SUCCESS!

Those first apartments in Queens, Manhattan, and New York City have not contacted us again for our pigeon treatment and bird removal because they have no more problems. The reason we know is because we service there weekly and those apartment numbers have not appeared on our sign-up list again. In fact, they tell us themselves it is working. Victory is indeed sweet for us as the professionals and for the customers! Since then, we have successfully used biological control and sanitation methods in conjunction with our repellents. We also know exactly what to tell our customers to do to assist in the integrated pest management (IPM) process. Since that first call back in 2012, Hubert Moore Exterminator LLC has SUCCESSFULLY TREATED a dozen apartments in QUEENS and NYC, a high-end art gallery in MANHATTAN using an articulating BOOM LIFT since there was no inside access to the treatment areas, and several apartments in Manhattan and New York City. The high-end art gallery did not have to fear its customers stepping outside for whatever reason and having pigeon excrement falling to the sidewalk. Since those customers in 2012 have not called us back, we tell our customers the treatment LASTS TWO YEARS. With each passing day, that increases.

Generally, we recommend an annual re-treatment. Turn to no other place but Hubert Moore Exterminator LLC for your pigeon treatment! We will clean, sanitize, repel, and follow-up, protecting you, our valued customer, from having to deal with the nuisance and health problems associated with pigeons and other birds and give you peace of mind to enjoy those areas that may be pigeon harborage sites! Contact us at your convenience! We believe that when you come to Hubert Moore Exterminator, LLC in Port Washington, New York, you’ll find complete birds, bed bugs, rodents and other pest control and removal services won’t find anywhere else in Queens, Manhattan, New York City and surrounding areas.

We serve residential and commercial customers throughout Queens, Manhattan, New York City and surrounding areas. We also specialize in exclusion work, which means keeping the rodents, bed bugs and insects from entering your home while minimizing the use of harmful pesticides.

For all your pigeon treatment, bird removal, bed bugs and other pest control services in Queens, Manhattan, New York City and surrounding areas, contact Hubert Moore Exterminator, LLC today and discover why we have been happily serving property owners in Queens, Manhattan, New York City and areas for many years.

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