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Dealing With a Cricket Infestation

Although crickets aren’t a safety risk for your family, visitors or customers like bees or wasps, they can become a serious annoyance. In numbers, crickets can produce a massive level of noise that makes sleeping difficult, particularly during the summer.

If crickets make their way into your home, they can also eat holes in certain fabrics, causing damage to your furniture, curtains, sheets, and other items. Because of this, it’s important to take action if you notice crickets inside your home. Our team has dealt with thousands of cricket infestations and has established an effective, safe process for handling crickets inside and outside the home:

Locate outdoor areas that attract crickets-Crickets often live inside garden waste, firewood, and tall grass. They’re also attracted to bright light, meaning items such as garden lights could be attracting crickets to your property. Identify openings in your home- Crickets can enter your home through small gaps in windows, doors, and other entry points, making it important to seal and repair any small openings that allow crickets to enter.

Remove the infestation- We use a range of tactics to effectively and humanely remove cricket infestations. Although many infestations can be solved organically, severe cricket infestations may require the use of chemical solutions.

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If crickets are keeping you awake at night, affecting your ability to enjoy your yard and garden, damaging your interior fabrics or simply making your home a less pleasant place, it’s important for you to take action.

With more than 45 years of experience, our team specializes in dealing with crickets and other insect infestations. Conveniently located in Port Washington, we serve the entire New York City area.

For more information or to request a quote for your cricket infestation, please contact us now via phone or email. 

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Cricket Exterminator New York

Are you dealing with a cricket infestation? Although crickets pose no direct health threats for humans, their loud chirping noise can cause everything from difficulties falling asleep to mild annoyance when you’re outside in your yard.

Crickets are common throughout the entire United States, especially in summer. While most properties will experience some level of cricket noise, some homes, and places of business seem to get hit harder than others during the summer cricket season.

If you’re getting tired of dealing with cricket noise, as well as indoor issues caused by house crickets, we can help. Our experienced team specializes in cricket removal and can quickly, efficiently and humanely remove a cricket infestation from your property.

With more than 45 years of experience, we handle a large range of exterminations and pest control projects throughout the New York City area. To schedule an appointment, request a quote or simply learn more about our services, please contact us now by phone or email.

How Do Cricket Infestations Develop?

Cricket infestations usually develop during summer, when house crickets take up residence in your yard, garden, and other outdoor areas. Crickets tend to gravitate towards the grass, firewood, tall patches of grass, garden waste, and other debris in your yard.

Most cricket infestations form and stay outdoors, meaning most homeowners rarely deal with crickets inside the home. However, crickets can move indoors in search of moisture and heat during periods of overly cold or dry weather.

For the most part, crickets are a minor annoyance for homeowners. However, if you’ve noticed an incredibly high level of noise from crickets on your property, or spotted crickets inside your home, it’s often worth taking action.

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