Using a range of safe materials and pest control methods, we can make your ant infestation a thing of the past, saving you stress, and frustration as a home or business owner. 

Bed Bugs

While bed bugs might be tiny, dealing with even a small infestation of bed bugs can be a major problem. 

Silent and largely unseen during daytime, bed bugs appear at night on your bed, sofa, and other soft surfaces to feed. Bed bugs are infamously strong, with many bugs resistant to common pest control sprays and other products. 

Worse yet, bed bugs can multiply rapidly, meaning that even a small infestation can grow into a major problem.

As specialists in bed bug removal, we can quickly, and efficiently identify a bed bug infestation and completely exterminate the bugs using safe and effective chemicals, heat treatments and other solutions. 


Concerned about bees on your property? Even a small beehive can create a significant safety issue for you as a homeowner, especially if you have young children that could suffer injuries as the result of a bee sting. 

As specialists in beehive removal and bee infestations, we can identify the location of bees on your property and safely remove the threat, letting you enjoy your yard and other outdoor areas in peace. 


While crickets aren’t as much of a safety risk as bees, their loud chirping noise can make it hard to relax, concentrate, and sleep. Crickets are common in homes with yards, making them one of the most common pests faced by homeowners.

Drawn to shelter, food, and moisture, crickets are easy for our experienced team to remove from your property. We specialize in cricket removal and can remove both live crickets and their eggs from your property, letting you sleep easy without the noise of a cricket infestation. 


Whether they’re brought into your home by pets, on a visitor’s shoes, or simply through an open window, fleas can be a major annoyance. In addition to irritating pets and potentially causing a range of skin issues, fleas can also potentially carry bacteria and diseases.

Our experienced team can deal with any flea infestation, whether it’s occurring in your home or in your place of business. Using safe, effective chemicals, and pest control equipment, we can fully exterminate fleas, helping you enjoy a safe, irritation-free living, or business environment. 


Tired of dealing with flies? While it’s inevitable that one or two flies will get into your home on a warm day, major fly infestations with hundreds of flies can make simple tasks such as preparing food, eating, spending time in your kitchen, bathroom, or other areas impossible.

As extermination specialists, we can quickly identify the location of fly infestations and complete a full removal, exterminating both live flies and their eggs to prevent future issues for you as a home or business owner. 


As a homeowner, dealing with a mouse infestation can be a headache. As a business owner, even a small number of mice can be devastating to your business’s reputation, hurting your revenue and affecting your source of income.

We specialize in mice infestations and can efficiently identify how mice are getting into your home or place of business. Once we’ve identified the source of the infestation, our team can eliminate the mice, as well as their droppings and carcasses, using safe and effective methods. 


Pigeons can be a major annoyance for both homeowners and business owners. At home, even a small number of pigeons can turn your yard into an unwelcome space. As a business owner, pigeons can quickly ruin the appearance of your building, adding to your costs and workload.

We use a range of techniques to solve and prevent pigeon infestations, from physical barriers and traps to repellants and more. Using these techniques, our expert team can “pigeon-proof” your property or place of business to help prevent future issues with pigeons and other birds. 


Unpleasant and unsanitary, rat infestations can be extremely frustrating for both residential and business customers. Like mice, rats can be deadly for businesses of all sizes, causing negative publicity and potentially affecting your source of income.

We specialize in solving rat infestations not just now, but for the long term. Using safe chemical solutions, barriers, and other techniques, we can completely solve rat infestations in both home and business settings, helping you breathe easy and avoid the frustration of an infestation. 


Have you noticed roaches in your kitchen, bathroom, or other areas? Roaches are attracted to dark, damp areas with food and shelter, making them a common annoyance for homeowners and business owners alike.

Like mice and rats, roaches can cause significant problems for your business. We specialize in solving both residential and commercial roach infestations. From broken pipes to improper food and waste processes, we can also identify the cause of an infestation to prevent future roach issues.


From your yard to your home, mosquitoes are a common annoyance. They’re also a health risk, causing everything from irritating mosquito bites to potentially spreading blood-borne diseases that can seriously affect your health. 

We can quickly identify the source of a mosquito infestation—typically a body of still, untreated water and carry out a complete extermination. As with all infestations, our goal isn’t just to get rid of mosquitoes in the short term, but to provide lasting, sustainable long-term results. 


Dealing with a termite infestation can be a significant challenge. While roaches, fleas, and many other pest infestations can often be solved using store-bought products, termite infestations are significantly more difficult to solve.

We specialize in termite removal and can efficiently and effectively solve even the most serious infestation. Using safe termiticides, repellants, and baits, our experienced team can solve your termite issues in both the short and long term. 

Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets can appear quickly, creating a major safety risk in your yard. From stings to the irritation of having a yellow jacket nest nearby, even a relatively small infestation can cause a range of problems for you as a homeowner.

Add the allergy factor into the equation and it becomes obvious why it’s important to deal with yellow jacket infestations as soon as they occur. As extermination experts, we can quickly and effectively remove yellow nests, helping you enjoy a stress-free outdoor experience. 


Wasps can be a serious safety risk, especially if you have young children. Wasp infestations can appear extremely quickly, resulting in everything from the occasional wasp to a major infestation that causes issues for your family members, visitors, and/or customers.

As specialists in wasp infestations, we can quickly locate wasp nests and carry out a thorough removal. Like all infestations, our goal isn’t just to solve your wasp problem in the short term but to provide a lasting solution that keeps your property wasp-free for the future.


Brooklyn Pest Control Services

Complete Pest Control & Removal Services in Brooklyn, New York City (NYC), and Nassau County

Looking for an experienced, reliable pest control provider? Conveniently located in nearby Port Washington, we offer a complete range of pest control services for residential and commercial customers in Brooklyn and throughout New York City.

From ants and bed bugs to pigeons, rats, and other pests, we can quickly and effectively identify and remove common home and commercial insect and animal infestations.

Our team uses modern, safe equipment to remove pests from your property not just in the short term, but also in the long term. From small pest issues to major infestations, we’re equipped and trained to bring a fast, convenient end to the issues you face as a home or business owner.

For more information on our services, continue reading below. You can also contact us now to request a quote, schedule an appointment, or learn more about how we can help you deal with any pest control issue.


From the kitchen to your living areas, ant infestations are one of the most common pest control issues for Brooklyn home and business owners.

While it’s fairly easy to solve minor ant infestations on your own using readily available sprays, large-scale ant infestations can be a major annoyance. Our team is fully equipped to deal with ant infestations of all sizes, from minor problems to recurring, or large-scale infestations.

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