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Are bees making your home or place of business an unpleasant, unsafe environment? From the annoyance factor of a bee infestation to the risk of stings, bees' nests and infestations can be a major annoyance for homeowners and business owners alike.

Although bee infestations can occur anywhere, they’re most common in homes with yards and garden areas. A wide range of bees can affect both homes and businesses, ranging from tree bees to common bumblebees, masonry bees, honey bees, and more.

If you’ve noticed a higher-than-normal number of bees around your property, it’s important to take swift action. As specialists in bee extermination, we can identify the source of your bee problems and complete a full removal to create a safer, more pleasant environment.

Our team has over 45 years of experience removing bee, insect, and other pest infestations in the New York City area. For more information about our services, to schedule an appointment, or to talk to a member of our team, please contact us now by phone or email.

How Do Bee Infestations Develop?

Bee infestations occur when bees form a nest on or near your property. Over time, a bees nest can grow into a major community for bees, resulting in swarms of bees that travel around your property and create a safety risk for residents and/or customers.

Although many people think of bees as a singular insect, there are several types of bees that can affect home and business owners.

Some of the most common bee infestations are honeybees and bumblebees, both of which often form nests in residential areas. It’s also common for carpenter bees, which build their nests in tree trunks and other wooden materials, to affect home and business owners.

Dealing With a Bee Infestation

While a small number of bees are unlikely to cause a major safety risk for your family, visitors or customers, bees can be a major problem—as well as a significant annoyance once their nest develops a large population. 

Bee infestations can be particularly problematic if the nest is located in your yard, close to your home or in any other high-traffic part of your property, as bees can easily become aggressive if they feel that their territory is being threatened. 

If you’ve noticed a bees nest on your property, the best thing to do is contact our extermination team. We can inspect the nest and determine the best way to remove the nest from your home or commercial property. 

We use several techniques to deal with bee infestations, with the best option for your property depending on the scale and type of nest. Many bees nests can be removed humanely, causing minimal harm to the bee colony. 

Contact Us Now

If you’ve noticed a bees nest on your residential or commercial property, it’s important not to attempt a “DIY” nest removal. Our experienced team can quickly and completely remove the bees nest, eliminating any safety risks that could affect your family or customers. 

Locally owned and operated, our team has been serving the New York City area for more than 45 years. In addition to bees, we handle a full range of pest infestations, from bed bugs to ants, cockroaches and more. 

For more information or to request a quote for your bee infestation, please contact us now via phone or email. 

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