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* Treatment of bedbugs or fleas are not included in an initial verbal agreement, but can be arranged for at an extra cost.

Licensed, Registered, and Insured
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About Hubert Moore Exterminator LLC

Dear Valued Customers, 

Hubert Moore Exterminator, LLC is a licensed, registered and insured pest control company

that has been providing its services at commercial and residential locations in New York City, Queens, and Nassau County since 1970. We are a second-generation, family-owned company. Availability to our customers and responding to their pest control problems in a timely manner are foundational principles to Hubert Moore Exterminator, LLC. We service commercial stores such as Zabars, Lifethyme Natural Market, and Solina Bakery. Other clients include residential locations managed by ABC Realty, Metro Management, and Brown, Harris, and Stevens Realty.

In practice, our Port Washington pest control services differ from other pest control companies. In accordance with the desire of the government to decrease pesticide usage, a distinctive of our company is doing necessary handiwork to exclude pests from buildings. We treat rodents and insects, including bedbugs and fleas for an additional cost. We also have experience dealing with pigeon problems. 

“What about BEDBUGS? You may have heard the saying, ‘Good night, sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite.’ Now, in 2014, bedbugs are doing more biting than they did in past decades. Bedbugs have risen dramatically in recent years, requiring pest control companies to offer IMMEDIATE TREATMENT OPTIONS for these pests that are difficult to eliminate and, in the experience of Hubert Moore Exterminator LLC, send people into tremendous panic and feelings of ashamedness for themselves, their pets, and their loved ones.