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* Treatment of bedbugs or fleas are not included in an initial verbal agreement, but can be arranged for at an extra cost.

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Pest control New York

About Hubert Moore Exterminator LLC

Dear Valued Customers, 

Hubert Moore Exterminator, LLC is a licensed, registered and insured pest control company

that has been providing its services at commercial and residential locations in New York City, Queens, and Nassau County since 1970. We are a second-generation, family-owned company. Availability to our customers and responding to their pest control problems in a timely manner are foundational principles to Hubert Moore Exterminator, LLC. We service commercial stores such as Zabars, Lifethyme Natural Market, and Solina Bakery. Other clients include residential locations managed by ABC Realty, Metro Management, and Brown, Harris, and Stevens Realty.

In practice, our pest control services differ from other pest control companies.

In accordance with the desire of the government to decrease pesticide usage, a distinctive of our company is doing necessary handiwork to exclude pests from buildings. We treat rodents and insects, including bedbugs and fleas for an additional cost. We also have experience dealing with pigeon problems. 

“What about BEDBUGS? You may have heard the saying, ‘Good night, sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite.’ Now, in 2014, bedbugs are doing more biting than they did in past decades. Bedbugs have risen dramatically in recent years, requiring pest control companies to offer IMMEDIATE TREATMENT OPTIONS for these pests that are difficult to eliminate and, in the experience of Hubert Moore Exterminator LLC, send people into tremendous panic and feelings of ashamedness for themselves, their pets, and their loved ones.

Pest control New York

WHY ARE BEDBUGS ON THE RISE? Hubert Moore Exterminator LLC has heard reasons ranging from the reproductive ability of bedbugs to increase in international travel to poorly trained pest control operators that miss a critical area in a treatment. Regardless of the reason, when a bedbug shows up, the victim wants them gone AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

Would it interest you if we said that Hubert Moore Exterminator LLC offers a SAFE AND ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY method to treat bedbugs that can be used in a RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL LOCATION? Exclusively distributed through our pest control supply company, CRYONITE has been developed for bedbug treatments. The Cryonite machine is transported on and attached to an easy-to-maneuver trolley and consists of a liquid carbon dioxide tank strapped to the trolley and a rifle or lance (depending on the attachment purchased). The rifle is where the fun begins for pest control operators and their customers and the fun ends for the bedbugs. After pulling the trigger, the liquid carbon dioxide is converted into a gas and when it contacts the surface to be treated, it appears similar to snow. Immediately and if applied correctly, the dramatic decrease to sub-zero temperatures Fahrenheit will eliminate bedbugs exposed. There is no place where bedbugs can hide now because Cryonite can be used anywhere, with the exception of directly on human beings and pets. Because it is safe, people can stay in their homes or apartments and go about their normal lives while their place is treated with Cryonite (contra heat or steam treatments). However, Cryonite is a CONTACT TREATMENT ONLY. This is why after we use our Cryonite machine, we apply CIMI-SHIELD.

If applied correctly and the customer follows the pest control operator’s instructions, Cimi-Shield will work for 12 months after the initial bedbug treatment! In other words, it provides a 12-month residual. We generally recommend an annual re-treatment to our customers. Coupled with Cryonite and Cimi-Shield, we use other top-rated LIQUIDS, environmentally-friendly and safe DUSTS along with MONITORS

and ENCASEMENTS to complete our bedbug treatment. Monitors give the customer a sense of empowerment and security because they have control and can see when there are NO MORE BEDBUGS.


First, we think of the safety of our customers. We could go in and spray harmful chemicals all over a room, likely leaving unwanted odors behind after we leave a job. But why do that when Cryonite and Cimi-Shield are odorless and completely safe? It just makes sense to do something that is safer for our customers. Second, it upholds one of the long-standing principles of Hubert Moore Exterminator LLC and even the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Specifically, we seek to DECREASE PESTICIDE USAGE. Chemicals in general affect the world in which you and I live, most often in a dangerous way. So why not do the environment a favor? Again, it just makes sense. As our founder has often said to our customers and taught to those who work in our company, "the future of pest control is to be a handy-guy." This means to use safer materials and not just spray or dust chemicals all over. The future is now and our use of Cryonite and Cimi-Shield fits the bill for decreasing pesticide usage. Finally, liability is lessened. New York is a highly litigious state and that does not stop when it comes to pesticides. Cryonite and Cimi-Shield are a completely safe treatment and greatly minimizes our risk of being sued.

Bedbug jobs should not be a do-it-yourself project or for the inexperienced, poorly trained pest control operator. It is labor-intensive, time-consuming, and too easy to miss a critical area where a bedbug may be hiding. Leave it to the professionals at Hubert Moore Exterminator LLC who will see the job through until the last bedbug is eliminated from your residential or commercial location. We would be very interested in providing pest control services for your commercial or residential locations. Feel free to contact us at your convenience.

Very Truly Yours,

Steven P. Moore, Co-owner

Humberto B. Moore, Co-owner